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Sophisticated Delights is a Houston born Bakery & Catering Company. We make every item that leaves our kitchen fresh for every order and customize them to fit your taste palette. Every treat is handmade and crafted to excite the senses, all of our delights are truly made with love.

Love is such a simple word but so hard to give everyone. Our twists on traditional classics allow us to provide so much love and happiness with our food. We pride ourselves on making sure your experience is as sophisticated as possible by adding delight in every bite!

Though we are a Houston based Company, we travels all over Texas and beyond. We specialize in what we call Texas Traditional Cuisines, which includes Southern Contemporary, New Age Soul, Nouveau Creole, Fresh Surf and Turf, Modern Tex-Mex, but we are always eager to create custom menus for our clients. We are known for our fantastic Pastries and Cakes. Whether you are looking for a holiday gift to give to clients, or a dessert display for the wedding of your dreams, our delights are the perfect fit!

Our Clients Rave about our Service and our Passion, but our passion is not just food its making sure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Let us take you through the process step by step from tasting to conception. You will be delighted with the results!


Whose behind the Sophistication

D’Ambria Jacobs the Owner and Chef was born and raised In Tyler, Texas; She grew up in a family oriented environment where food was always the center of each and every get together, birthday, holiday, graduation, any occasion was an excuse to eat in her family. So no wonder she decided to give that same feeling to the world. Over the past few years she turned timeless family recipes into sophisticated items her clients rave about. D’Ambria has been cooking and baking since about 7 years old and doesn’t planned on stopping anytime soon, with 6 years of restaurant and cooking experience she decided while attending the University of Houston to follow her heart and open Sophisticated Delights.

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